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Access Control Systems



We design, supply and install electronic access control systems to the entire Sydney area, with complete lock security solutions available for clients of all sizes (small, medium or large!) and types (commercial, hotels, education and so on). RFID cards, fobs, fingerprint access, numeric PIN codes, and key overrides available. Typically, your needs will fall into one of two categories:


Standalone applications where only low levels of functionality and

simple programming at-the-lock is required. This type of access control

is recommended for small offices and houses.


Intergrated, networked applications where high levels of functionality

and real-time updates and audit trails are required via a central software

program (with possiblity for remote access online). This type of access

control is recommended for larger properties like hotels, apartments,

commercial buildings, schools and universities.


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Swipe card access control
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Our specialty is wireless access control systems, which can be characterised as intelligent, secure and cost-affordable (reduces the need for wiring and electronic components). This of course raises the question: why should you consider a wireless system as opposed to a fully wired system or a mechanical master key system? Here are some reasons why...



                                 FLEXIBILITY: without the hassle of complicated and sometimes infeasible wiring requirements,

            wireless systems can fit the vast majority of locks, doors and access points.


            COST EFFICIENCY: wired access control systems are often complex and have many

            expensive components, including an electronic strike or magnetic lock, an external wall reader, an

            internal exit button, and connection to a power supply. In contrast, wireless access control is simpler

            and cheaper while maintaining the same amount of functionality: only the mechanical lock requires

            replacing with a battery-operated cylinder or escutscheon.


            SECURITY: all wireless communication is via encrypted electromagnetic waves, which offers security

            against potential hackers. The lock unit itself communicates directly with RFID swipe cards, and the

            reliability is extremely high. If the locks are connected to a central controller to establish an easy-to-

            modify network, the battery-operated lock unit continues to operate both mechanically and via the

            RFID swipe cards if the network goes down (with a wired system, the ENTIRE access control system

            ceases to operate if there is a cutoff to the power supply). The memory in the lock is also non-volatile,

            meaning that the memory is not wiped off if the batteries go flat.


            FUNCTIONALITY: ability to easily control all levels of access including adding/deleting users, setting

            scheduled users, and checking an audit trail. 


            INTEGRATION WITH OTHER SYSTEMS: wireless access control units tend to be compatible with both

            other RFID technologies (e.g., HID iClass, Mifare) and leading physical security information

            management systems, which allows for the possibility of integration for comprehensive building

            security solutions. 




In the majority of cases, we recommend the SALTO data-on-card access control solution. This product is developed by SALTO Systems, who are a leader in the provision of wireless access control systems for commercial, hospitality, education and government applications. It is composed of a unique system of networked RFID escutcheons and cylinders that can be used for a range of security control levels, from an affordable simple self-programmable standalone system for a small to medium office, to highly capable systems allowing for real-time control of door locks throughout a building. Options available for proximity cards, PIN codes and smartphone access (useful for hotels and vacation rentals). One of the key advantages of SALTO access control is that it can be fitted to suit most types of lock hardware, allowing for relatively easy installation without the need for complex wiring or drilling through walls.

Complete wireless cloud-based control is also available in SALTO KS, a cloub-based smart solution that allows for complete control of your system from your smartphone or computer anywhere in the world! 


Overall, SALTO Systems also have a proven track record, with SALTO access systems having been successfully installed and maintained at many large and respected commercial and educational institutions and hotels worldwide. Visit to better understand their profile, or contact us for a detailed brochure. 


Feel free to give us a ring on 0410 061 851 to speak with one of our locksmiths directly. Alternatively, visit the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form, and we will contact you to provide a free consultation and quote. 

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